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in india oh she's available in the movie joyce people chose the name of the gateway to the grand imperial should the torch was pushed coromandel you can know what i told george bush said don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was such a treat. resonates your default crisis hurtles towards america the lakers have only forty eight hours to find a solution for the impact is felt on all washington's biggest lender china criticizes the u.s. but jeopardizing the well the conduct of. the polish probe reluctantly knowledge is pilots have lost last year's presidential plane crash in western russia amid concerns politics played a pivotal role also based investigation. of spring turns into israeli summer tens of thousands flood streets and squares in major israeli cities
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. instead and when netanyahu undertakes urgent economic reforms. are you watching artie's weekly news review welcome to the program there's still no consensus between u.s. lawmakers on tackling the country's debt crisis as the senate fails to agree on a deal proposed by the democratic party on friday a proposal to raise the debt ceiling was passed in the house of representatives but the senate killed it i was later down less capital gains and deadlock try to avoid default ahead of tuesday's deadline. matthew begum says the government needs to act fast to appoint an exodus. obama and the democrats in
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congress just want to keep on spending. and so they would like to see the debt ceiling raised so that they can continue to give rewards to their supporters among the labor unions of the various political organizations that are sympathetic to the democratic party scars the u.s. is able to keep raising its debt ceiling because people investors around the world have confidence in the united states they believe that the u.s. government will honor its outstanding obligations and so as long as people have faith in the investors have faith in the u.s. government in its credit worthiness and in the u.s. could keep raising its debt ceiling the problem right now is that the debt is so high that that in itself is starting to become a negative factor that could lead to a credit rating downgrade of the united states government and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton rushed to reassure weighs in leaders this week
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but the debt debate will be settled one time beijing as america's biggest creditor seems to be using patience washington's financial mess. this says china could even dump the dollar as its main reserve currency. we can't afford bad relations with china keep beijing holds the cards you know we're dancing to the tune that they play the real problem for china is that there's no way that america can pay back the money that the chinese are very lonely as politically is just not going to happen especially when interest rates rise i'm surprised they can do chinese so long to figure out been growing a lot of good money after bad i don't think we're going to default i think we're going to inflate which is just as bad but you know we're going to raise the debt ceiling the problem is the debt not the ceiling this soon or the chinese truck stop enabling this phony economy that we have this sooner we as americans could begin to repair the damage and what's going to happen is what
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a dollar collapses americans are going to see a big reduction in our standard of living. and that late in the program we take a closer look at the struggling economies who the next to forty. years develop government takes action france gets a warning its economy and something to. have an eye to the news and when it was a separatist movements are gaining momentum in belgium so i think there's a chain reaction that's one of the year. or so refuses to so with full responsibility for the post presidential plane crash in western russia saying that russian that traffic controllers also contributed to the aviation disaster the crash killed the late president elect and dozens of countries willing and the spring results since the reports many in poland on national tragedy has become a political. another day another blame game poland's very own
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probe into last year's presidential plane crash lands or got confirmed the findings of russia's investigation that the crew was almost solely responsible for the tragedy. at this point there is an obstacle a tree that the aircraft collides with a fragment of the left wing is detached the aircraft begins dura taishan well let me emphasize it's not that the tree was too high the aircraft had simply been at a location where it should have been it seems the very things that got in the way of the plane are now getting in the way of warsaw taking full responsibility and trees are not the only thing rooted in poland failing to see eye to eye with moscow national here's where the approach controller two thousand metres away should have told the crew to stop descending the horizon command should have been issued exactly a piece moment this shows that the landing zone controller was performing his duty in an incorrect way on these three. such statements come as little surprise to
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experts with some of them saying acceptance of full responsibility would be impossible for the polish society they've been given the truth and the truth is unbearable they can't take it now i don't think that the polish investigators think they can pin the blame on anybody else but i do think that they are looking to pin son of a play on somebody else aviation experts echoed this opinion calling the swipes against the russian side and substantial some claims concerning the airport all controllers they have nothing to do with the crash i've been a pilot for over thirty years and i know a simple rule if you don't see the runway or it's like such a decision height you have no other choice than to raise the landing gear and go to your reserve or the initial russian lead investigation was greeted by a novel launch of criticism from some movements in poland they expressed doubts
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about the reliability of the report often based on anti russian sentiment and some experts say it is not pure emotion driving this with a well thought tactics. but it can skew i think we're now witnessing some political games to shift the blame from the polish side of i was an expert in this commission and i was surprised to learn that the crew was chosen immediately before the flight such poor preparation for such a high profile flight publication of this report had been delayed for several months and was very much anticipated in poland it was meant to put a break through all speculation regarding the plane crash but instead it could once again be used as a political tool experts say the timing of the publication is not coincidental this could be exploited also in the political electoral campaign because this should be no they're going to ones to be. intellectuals this report and all that issue but if you are terribly it will be. and the twin brother of
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the late president kaczynski was quick to prove this suggestion with a sharp round about the report. prime minister to skate has no courage to take up the responsibility for the plane crash and has shuffled it off under his staff nevertheless he is responsible for all the games he played with the russians he's responsible that the polls were not conducting or even participating in the investigation he's responsible for not defending polish interests imposed on or at the international forum which will get to the bottom of this case as this is what we owe to those who died while the society is still deciding where the plane full responsibility which comes with a report experts are speculating whether this is a fair and objective investigation or an attempt to please all players in the long lasting blame game. r.t. reporting from warsaw in poland israel has become the latest middle east country to
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see nationwide anti-government protests tens of thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets in major cities to say prime minister benjamin netanyahu steps down see undertakes sweeping economic reforms but he's course leader is developments in terms of the biggest credit and place. well these easily i'm fifty thousand people here with the most popular ciampi we demand social justice a whole new way of speakers have been taking to the stage they've been calling on unity and message coming across very strongly as one by one people here can bring change a lot of criticism being leveled at israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu in fact if he tries his name is mentioned. why are you here tonight i'm here because it's just becoming possible to live in this country more we work we give and we do and we keep on giving and there's no end to it as this is though as this is the only role we have to change is because you don't have any other choice which is
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a people who have been inspired by the demonstrations taking place miracle. for what is your sign saying her. home i think gaza lives on earth. why do you want to go home. alone to the fullest and i should be salman stray sions mean inspired by the protests we saw taking place in arab world oh well i think there's a lot of influence of what happened in the ground and now syria lebannon and what you see in libya also there's a lot of words of posing that's when people understand i do have the power that they can they can organize but instead they don't need anymore the government to tell them what to do they can start telling the government what they want. to do you know they can they can start deciding for themselves to take that power back to what they said is the spirit of revolution here a number of israeli populace son singers have also been taking to the stage and one
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song that was sung had a chorus and i'm translating this is the new middle east we created the storm the future its aftermath. paula slip there well coming up in a few minutes outsourcing the war america's wars in iraq and afghanistan past into the hands of mercenaries seen by many as trigger in the on the wall. street disaster continues to claim lives months after a devastating earthquake and tsunami triggered the complete disaster different way it's a country impression and serves our. credit rating agency moody's has put spain on review for a possible downgrade it's threatening to take the country's borrowing status down a notch as it struggles with recession and mass unemployment but there's a growing public anger that spain's future won't be the best decision one way or brussels and the i.m.f. he's. in madrid. the cash in spain is going mainly down the
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drain at least that's the opinion of thousands of people who've rallied across the country because the feeling that the government is controlled by their parent bank and have that. they don't care about the people. so the people decided it's time to voice their concerns loud and clear before the lose more than just the shirt off their back spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in the eurozone so while the european leaders have been occasionally meeting and comfortable quarters to talk about the future of the hero and the european union itself people in the country have been demonstrating on an almost weekly basis demanding the government shape up stop talking and do something about the situation this is not just about higher wages and better pension plans with more than forty percent of young people in spain unemployed simply getting a job is a priority for those gathered in madrid's central square the big part of the
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responsibilities from the government. because the government first of all people not create people in these fields but the beginning of the crisis to fight against the crisis it reacts very late. and on the other hand once the government. was. a government it's not a good job. because that would be in the no doubt for people to wake up otherwise we'll just become slaves to the system and want to be treated as humans and they believe they can make a difference. the government has to change things because they don't have a choice. with greece in shambles and neighboring portugal trashed by the rating agencies spain is facing not just a financial but a deepening social crisis members of the so-called indignant marches say they want
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their. dignity preserved but whether their calls will be heard is another issue in the. madrid. and france has also been warned by the international monetary fund that it needs more cuts to avoid becoming the next victim of the debt crisis the i.m.f. a says the country is a credit rating could be a risk. taker economics author patrick young these problems long ago. the problem is look these aren't things that have just happened suddenly i mean the french budget deficit has been in a deficit the french budget since one thousand nine hundred seventy four this is typical of contagion we've been talking about it for weeks we have you know when you get some degree of illness and it goes through the body ultimately you have to decide when to amputate it and the truth is we should have amputated greece from the euro zone long ago the situation at the moment where provincial libraries in northern germany are being closed because the money isn't there because it's being
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used to fund people in the mediterranean i think german voters are going to get very angry about that very very soon and i actually think the political will is not there amongst the people to endlessly keep bailing out their saw their neighbors. belgium is a hotbed of international politics and representation wherever this prosperous country seems to be failing to resolve its differences. as the countries in the south power struggles are sending a warning signal to other e.u. nations. to the divorce before planning their next marriage but not while lowly of the southern region of build them become true has been with delta fictive government for a record fourteen months fringe speech in the cells and flemish speaking floors in the north disagree on pretty much everything many analysts think the most likely outcome will see the country break into as soon as it splits with floor this is
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complete the world will look to hook up with france for richer or poorer but mainly for richer. going it alone when your small region is clearly not appealing they say political clout is important the main appeal is money. the looniest part of france and everything that name that we have the same language we watch french t.v. no belgian but above all our economy is controlled by french firms. poll suggests that whole foods sixty percent of the french want to be called one presidential front runner marine le pen last week said she would with the southern half of bill jim with france president sarkozy's ruling party and the opposition already in talks to tie the knot we have contacts with other parties with your m.p. and we have contacted the socialist it has been confirmed to us that's in case belgium would speed up then one would be welcome in france. the biggest party in
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the northern half want to split two experts say belgians already divided people don't know any more about the other half of the country the flemish people don't know who are the popular singers or writers today in the french speaking part and vice versa alberts fears bill jim's national day last week was its last he added the crisis threatens not just every belgian but european integration itself. trails the e.u. is scared that the divorce of belgium was part of the rest of europe catalonia leaving spain scotland leaving a great and we're really seeing separatist marchers in mixed community towns here turned violent guns getting called take just one big clash from brussels to become sorry but that's conflict mass killing suffered in europe since world war two neighbors turned on each other as you can slove a broke up and the determination of regional identity is not to be underestimated
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frige unionists say they have the flag and everything else worked out to become from. twenty eight region live to the details the new bush will r.t. brussels. this week saw rising hopes of a revival of the stalled six party talks on north korea's nuclear disarmament today meeting between washington and pyongyang representatives in new york both called discussion positive and productive this boy said that south korea and participants in the six party talks must be consulted before any progress is made in talks involving both koreas the u.s. russia china and japan everything started in two thousand and three. withdrew after suffering sanctions for testimony long range missile now the. u.s. says north korea must dismantle its nuclear facilities before any deal reached. that would be tough as the north has always been using of essence hostile. acts
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a little bit of desperation especially because when you look at the real cause which it you will dismantle you nuclear program first and then we decided to talk to you that's an absolute no no i was in north korea last year and i confirmed from north korean officials directly that the state awfully is the same state of play as it was fifty eight years ago the fifty year anniversary of the armistice that did not end the north korean war for that matter north korea south korea are still at war with each other and the war from good north korean point of view is a war against america is not south korea the view it as a bloc that government of the americas so let's start to look i really doubt this basic difference it's important it's absolutely positive and start talking. as the
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u.s. withdrawal is its troops from iraq and afghanistan and a few hundred a vast number of private military contractors critics of the so-called hired guns. sneeze at the name of america held accountable the growing number of reports of human rights abuses and civilian deaths across torn countries result is going to change you can reports the u.s. isn't rush to regulate private military muscle this iraqi man son nine year old allie khilnani was shot dead by private american war contractors four years ago and spring felt something ground between my feet on the same day dozens of other innocent iraqis were shot right trigger happy u.s. professional killers they shot like they were trying to kill everyone if you see no want to blackwater the firm for whom the hired guns work has been punished for the massacre to other private american security companies were contracted to carry out interrogations at the notorious abu ghraib prison in iraq a name synonymous now with her rethink human rights violations including torture
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rape and murder the us supreme court recently threw out a lawsuit alleging abuse of prisoners by the contractors. in afghanistan it's reported that human rights violations are legal billings are committed by security firms on a regular basis to an extent set to undermine call the show horses counterinsurgency efforts bills not firing anything that moves in general kill innocent afghans destroy property we're getting fairly consistent complaints about them and everybody knows somebody who's been shot by the contractors. the lack of accountability has forced the united nations working group on mercenaries to push for specific international measures to regulate their activities especially now as u.s. military forces withdraw from iraq and afghanistan the number of contractors is said to grow dramatically u.s.
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. so many. functions to the. companies they are not related in that they are not controlled and he says we're we are extremely concerned that washington is reluctant to lead an international body regulate their pivot is saying it will find ways to hold contractors accountable but so far the u.s. justice system has largely failed to do so for seeing around the world cases of kidnapping rape murder. and we see very very only very rare cases in which there is actually a criminal investigation or prosecution or sing out of. what experts say further privatization of war is convenient for the american government because among other reasons it doesn't have to justify the deaths of troops at home the president whoever the president may be can get us involved in conflicts only using uniform
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forces to do the official fighting and then falcons and thousands of contractors to do the unofficial fighting that's under the radar screen that isn't covered by the media now here is a quote we cannot win a fight for hearts and minds when we outsource critical missions took on accountable contractors and of course that's what senator obama said before he became president but apparently as a president now he thinks differently where the contractors role in america's wars down to increase and with the victims of their crime still begging for justice i'm going to check our reporting from washington our jeanne. ten people are believed to have drowned after a private charter boat collided with a more barge and sank in the moscow river close to the city center seven bodies have been recovered so witnesses say the boat was rocking from side to side simply out of control it's about seventy million border. americans and
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russians six people were rescued from the river on some international. press so the boat was national magazine for corporate party and comes just weeks after the ship sank on the river in central russia killing hundred twenty two people. the earthquake that devastated japan right here on the march the country's death toll is still rising suicide rates have increased since the radiation crisis of credit for doing a massive tsunami the government fearing that oppression epidemic could emerge parties sean thomas has been to japan to find out why so many people are taking their own lives. a triple disaster on a scale the world has never known causing damage and destruction and uncertainty forcing tens of thousands of japanese refugees to leave their lives behind and seek shelter anywhere they can something to do. the bucket. of but the
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problem is they are my hearing they be they have been accused. maybe their classmates or you know of course by offshore. causing. people which is not. primarily a move towards itself preservation this idea of desertion is defined by many as characteristically in japanese and has earned those who have evacuated the dishonorable title of traitor. of course it's hard to hear that we have family neighbors or think about our health but in other words we run away we escape because we're scared of radiation but there is no example in the world of something similar and the consequences are their ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing it guilt and the pressure to move back home there
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are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are facing even darker demons japan already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and following the disaster in march the government has issued a warning about a possible nationwide epidemic of depression here are some organic farmers committed suicide because you know. soil is everything. good soil for after many hours of hard work and it's just one time in one night in two or so some. farmers committed suicide out i'm very sad to hear the news and many other farmers are also very much depressed a recent national survey in japan performed by dr roshini and his team shows that suicide rates in japan have in fact increased in the months since the disaster
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compared to the same timeframe in the previous two years but the demographics are not what you might expect. insincerely rate increase that. centers. if you're areas because so my bros struggling through there. they have not had to mix and say this disaster has certainly taken its toll on japan's economy and such constant reminders of an intense topic can harm the collective psyche of the people who live here as well because of the. tsunami disaster last year disaster many people actually lost their jobs or working on the show has crashed. so. yeah they have a for many good reasons to commit suicide because in japan's death toll to keep rising even though he initially disaster subsided months before in japan sean
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thomas or t.v. . i'll be back with a product of the headlines in a couple minutes take the stand up to. the. last time the close of team was in the cool john region the four men flock from all over the world to have
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a few centimeters to their self-confidence. this time archie goes to the arm or reaches. for the gold rush still gets people high jump. for a nation try fights to save its culture. where cranes are protected in the first have come on official nature reserve. can see how orange a. bush a close up on the artsy. wealthy british science. class but i'm not surprised. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports one our chief.


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